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uncooked information – Interpretation of block model numbers used from 2009 by means of 2022

TL;DR: Block model – WTF!??

I’m discovering it complicated to know block model numbers and haven’t discovered full info in a single place. Issues I’ve found to this point:

  • The sphere was initially (2008), and weirdly, outlined as a 32-bit signed integer. Early blocks had values from 1 to 4 (what do these signify?) encoded in a traditional means as 0x01000000 by means of 0x04000000

  • BIP 34 (2012) elevated the model quantity to 2. That is the place block-height began to be encoded within the first few bytes of the unlocking script of the coinbase transaction. BIP34 offered a technique whereby miners incremented the model quantity to sign readiness for a soft-fork. This has been superceded by BIP 9 however I assume some previous blocks might have larger model numbers in consequence.

  • BIP 9 (2015) Makes use of “bits 0-28” of the Model for miners to sign readiness for mushy forks (i.e. necessary adjustments). It additionally adjustments the way in which variations are encoded – it’s not a traditional little-endian signed integer. As a substitute the “prime bits” (bits 29-31?) are set to 001 with future provision for 010 and 011. I am not clear how these must be offered (v1, v2 and v3?)

  • Some miners use the model subject as a solution to accellerate mining. That is referred to as “ASIC enhance” and appears to have an effect on the primary two or three bytes. I am undecided in the event that they utterly obliterate the precise model data or whether or not some significant model info can nonetheless be extracted.

  • One thing else?

Examples of model numbers I’ve seen:

  • 0x00000001 (model 1)
  • 0x00000004 (model 4)
  • 0x20000000 (v1?)
  • 0x20400000 (v1? + prepared for one softfork outlined at the moment)
  • 0x27ffe000 (v1? + ASICboost)
  • 0x37ffe000 (v2? + ASICboost)

I am not clear tips on how to distinguish ASIC enhance from readiness for an unusually massive variety of concurrent softforks.

Is it attainable to create a solution ample to parse all attainable makes use of of the model subject thus far? (excluding the exact identification of signalled softforks)




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