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Sepolia Submit-Merge Improve Announcement | Ethereum Basis Weblog

  • The Sepolia testnet will endure a post-merge execution layer (EL) improve at block 1735371, anticipated on August 17, 2022
  • The improve will trigger EL purchasers on the community to disconnect from friends which haven’t transitioned to proof-of-stake. It doesn’t add extra performance past this.
  • Sepolia node operators should improve their execution layer shopper prior to dam 1735371.
  • An analogous improve is anticipated on Goerli and the Ethereum mainnet as soon as these networks have transitioned to proof-of-stake


As a way to preserve a wholesome peer listing, nodes on Ethereum’s execution layer will routinely disconnect friends who wouldn’t have the identical improve sequence as them. On the Ethereum mainnet, this implies checking whether or not a peer upgrded to Frontier Thawing at block 200,000, then Homestead at block 1,150,000, and so forth all the way in which to the most recent improve, Grey Glacier, which occurred at block 15,050,000. EIP-2124 specifies how that is dealt with. In typical community upgrades, that are triggered by a block peak, this occurs routinely as nodes use the block peak of upcomming upgrades to filter friends.

For The Merge, this was not potential as a result of the improve was triggered utilizing a whole issue worth somewhat than a block quantity. The rationale for this alternative is defined in EIP-3675:

Utilizing a pre-defined block quantity for the hardfork is unsafe on this context as a result of PoS fork alternative taking precedence through the transition.

An attacker could use a minority of hash energy to construct a malicious chain fork that might fulfill the block peak requirement. Then the primary PoS block could also be maliciously proposed on high of the PoW block from this adversarial fork, changing into the pinnacle and subverting the safety of the transition.

To guard the community from this assault state of affairs, issue amassed by the chain (whole issue) is used to set off the improve.

To reduce modifications to the protocol throughout its most advanced improve since launch, the design for The Merge excluded EIP-2124 compatibility. This implies a further improve should now be carried out so as to add this. It is very important be aware that the one change launched as a part of this improve is specifying a block quantity that nodes can use to establish friends who’ve gone by way of The Merge. No different performance is launched or deprecated as a part of this improve.

Improve Info


This improve will occur on Sepolia at block 1735371, anticipated on August 17, 2022.

Observe {that a} comparable improve will likely be introduced for Goerli and mainnet after these networks have transitioned to proof-of-stake.

Ropsten will not be upgraded since it’s now thought-about deprecated, together with Rinkeby and Kiln. See this publish for extra particulars on their deprecation schedule.

Shopper Releases

Solely execution layer purchasers should be up to date for this improve. Node operators can maintain working their present consensus layer shopper launch on Sepolia by way of the transition.

Observe that shopper releases used for the Goerli/Prater merge all assist this improve on Sepolia. In different phrases, if you happen to already downloaded a launch for the Goerli/Prater merge, you should use that very same model on Sepolia for this improve.

Execution Layer

Improve Specs

The specification for this alteration is tracked as a part of the Paris specs, below the FORK NEXT Improve part.


As a node operator, what ought to I do?

You need to improve your execution layer shopper to one of many variations listed above earlier than August 16, 2022. Your consensus layer shopper doesn’t should be upgraded.

As a staker, what do I must do?

The validator set on Sepolia is permissioned. In case you are half of the present Sepolia validators, you will need to replace your execution layer shopper to one of many variations listed above on August 16, 2022 on the newest.

In case you are not half of the present Sepolia validator set, you do not want to do something right now.

Goerli/Prater and mainnet validators might want to comply with the identical steps when this improve is introduced on these networks.

As an utility or tooling developer, what ought to I do?

Nothing, except you’re additionally working a node. If that’s the case, please improve your execution layer shopper to one of many variations listed above earlier than August 16, 2022.

As an Ethereum person or Ether holder, is there something I must do?

No. The Ethereum mainnet isn’t affected by this improve. Even when this improve will likely be utilized to mainnet, there will not be any motion wanted.

Thanks to Justin Chrn for the unique cowl picture and Tomo Saito for the modifications.



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