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script – How does OP_RETURN burn cash?

What does precisely trigger the output containing OP_RETURN to be unspendable?

Merely the truth that no enter can probably unlock cash that are encumbered with such an OP_RETURN-containing script. Each time the script interpreter encounters an OP_RETURN instruction, it immediately aborts and trigger your complete script to fail.

Nonetheless, OP_RETURN does greater than make a script unspendable. It makes it noticably and provably unspendable, and triggers particular logic. For instance, creating an output that pay to a standard P2WPKH deal with for a key you generated, after which throwing away the important thing, additionally makes the coin unspendable. Nonetheless, it is not apparent to the community that it’s unspendable, and you’ll’t show to anybody that’s.

That is totally different with OP_RETURN: any script that begins with OP_RETURN is clearly unspendable, and a minimum of the Bitcoin Core software program notices this as a particular case, and can keep away from storing such outputs in its database, as a result of it’s recognized that they can’t be spent. Makes an attempt to spend it’s going to set off a “coin not discovered” fairly than “script validation” error, however the consequence is identical: the transaction will not be allowed to proceed.

And why do I’ve to make use of the byes after OP_RETURN for conserving knowledge within the blockchain and I am unable to use bytes earlier than OP_RETURN?

For 2 causes:

  • By placing the OP_RETURN on the entrance, the particular certainly-can’t-be-spent-so-can-be-forgotten-about logic will set off, which is lighter on all future full nodes that implement this logic.
  • Customary relay insurance policies carried out in most community nodes solely allow a sure restricted variety of output templates. These embody funds to typical addresses, and likewise scripts as much as a sure measurement that begin with OP_RETURN. In the event you’d attempt to create an output that put the info earlier than the opcode, it will be thought-about a non-standard output sort and never relayed by most nodes.


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