Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Progressives Misunderstand Bitcoin – Bitcoin Journal

Logan Bolinger is a lawyer and the creator of a free weekly publication concerning the intersection of Bitcoin, macroeconomics, geopolitics and regulation.

As Bitcoin continues to infiltrate U.S. politics and coverage, debates about which political occasion is extra naturally aligned with the orange ethos have proliferated and intensified. The growing variety of self-described Progressives coming into the area has catalyzed some heated discussions about how Bitcoin matches into the ideology of the political left. Is Bitcoin Progressive? Is it essentially not Progressive? Is it one thing else? To know why these might not even be the appropriate questions and why many (although not all) Progressives appear to wrestle with Bitcoin, we should always refine a few of the partisan language and identifiers that are inclined to constrain our pondering. To the purpose, it’s excessive time we disentangle capital “P” Progressivism from lowercase “p” progressivism.



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