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php – What’s scriptpubkey for within the coinbase transaction ? (and extra..)

I am about to mine and I reached an element after I wish to generate the coinbase transaction.
I will not complicate issues by placing within the new block transactions and getting the charges for them.
All that issues is to mine a block (appears that the coinbase transaction is counted as 1 transaction for the entire block? True?)

Check out this PHP perform and test the feedback (let me know if I am mistaken someplace)

perform coinbase_gen($block_height){         //(decimal)$block_height can be the final official block quantity +1
$ver="01000000";                             // appears that this model will not change anytime quickly?
$i_count="01";                              // In that state of affairs it's all the time 01?
$txid='0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000';   //all the time as effectively
$vout="ffffffff";                          // all the time?


$block_height=SwapEndianess(dechex($block_height)); //reassign the peak to VarInt

$sequence="ffffffff";                 // Some folks put 0000000 in right here.. Why?
$o_value="40be402500000000";          //6.25 BTC !!!
$script_pubkey='76a914bfd3ebb5485b49a6cf1657824623ead693b5a45888ac'; //Please reply..
$locktime="00000000"; // Appears good
return $ver.$i_count.$txid.$vout.$sig_size.$sig.$sequence.$o_count.$o_value.$pubkeysize.$script_pubkey.$locktime;
coinbase_gen((int)$last_blockn); // simply instance how I am going to generate it.

As you may see I’ve many questions within the code, however I must find out about that $script_pubkey. Some weblog posted it as instance to mine,however I really feel that any bitcoin mined will reward $script_pubkey which is somebodies pockets public key (encrypted) ? OR this doesn’t matter for the coinbase transaction and after I submit the block with bitcoind RPC it’s going to be sure that it’s going to go to my pockets?
That is vital to know. Thanks.



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