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p2tr – How are taproot scripts represented typically?

In Taproot, the spend path is chosen utilizing the important thing path, which is a Merkle tree of the important thing paths resulting in the leaf node that represents the specified spend path. The important thing path is included within the scriptSig, and the leaf node is used to confirm that the important thing path is legitimate and results in a sound spend path.

To characterize the important thing paths for various spend paths in Taproot, one choice is to make use of a tree-like construction just like the one used for the important thing path. For instance, you’ll be able to have a script that appears like this:

<3, publicKey1, publicKey2, publicKey3, 2, …> OP_CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY
<2, publicKey4, publicKey5, 1, …> OP_CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY
<3, publicKey6, publicKey7, publicKey8, 1, …> OP_CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY

On this instance, the script has a essential if-else construction, the place the primary department represents the brink signature spend path and the second department has two nested if-else buildings, representing the 2 different script spend paths. The important thing path for every of those branches could be represented as a Merkle tree, with the leaf nodes representing the totally different script spend paths.

To spend an output, the transaction will embrace the important thing path resulting in the specified script spend path, and the related scriptSig will embrace the required signatures or different knowledge to fulfill the circumstances of the script. The script will then use the important thing path to confirm that the specified spend path is legitimate and could be executed.

Remember that the above instance is simply one of many some ways to characterize key paths for Taproot spend paths, and the precise format will rely on the precise implementation.

Moreover, the bitcoin-dev mailing record on which lots of the Taproot’s and different Bitcoin protocol improvement discussions happen: Linux basis may be useful.



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