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multibit hd – Recovering pockets from MultibitHD backup file

If Hashcat has uncovered a password for a mbhd.pockets.aes file, what’s subsequent?

I’d both

The second methodology in all probability requires much more data of the internals of a Multibit pockets.

One factor I am confused about is why did Multibit HD create a pockets file with the .aes ending when it isn’t even a AESCrypt file

From what I’ve learn, Multibit HD pockets backups are encrypted utilizing the AES algorithm the place the AES encryption key’s the “pockets phrases” (not the pockets password).

You do not say what prompted you to assume the file with the .aes filename extension was not AES encrypted?

it does not actually matter so long as I’ve the pockets password, I suppose.

If what I’ve learn is correct, the “pockets password” is of no assist in utilizing a pockets backup.

Nevertheless perhaps what Hashcat recovered was the twelve “pockets phrases”? In that case you’ll be capable of use these to recuperate the pockets.

I learn that Multibit HD wallets aren’t secure and must be transformed to one thing else

Multibit grew to become defunct in 2017. I vaguely recall there was a Multibit basic that grew to become defunct way back. If I bear in mind appropriately it was superceded by Multibit HD. Anyway the URL now redirects to an unrelated undertaking which makes me suspect will probably be laborious or unattainable to seek out any official documentation or assist.

That is in fact a superb cause to by no means rely on any particular software program to carry your backup of your personal keys. Its in all probability most secure to have a BIP-compliant restoration phrase or personal keys in WIF format. Both of those would nonetheless be usable even when your pockets builders disappear and the software program turns into unusable.

I do not need the 12 seed/secret phrases

Then it appears to me that hashcat has been of no use to you.

how does one go about getting public keys or addresses or each from personal keys?

The simplest methodology might be to make use of established pockets software program

The algorithms are public. There are a lot of libraries or bitcoin toolsets. Its a reasonably broad topic. If I needed to do it outdoors of an precise pockets I might perhaps have a look at PyWallet, btcutils and a number of the different common toolsets.



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