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MetaTrader to NinjaTrader NT8 Commerce Copier – Different – 13 Might 2022

That is the consumer information for ‘MT4/MT5 to NinjaTrader NT8’ Commerce Copier EA.

This commerce copier for MT4/MT5 -> NinjaTrader NT8 consists of two elements:

  • Commerce sign transmit utility EA as you bought from MetaQuotes Market.  Click on hyperlinks to MT5 model & MT4 model
  • Commerce copier technique app at NinjaTrader NT8

1. Please obtain the zip file of ‘Commerce copier technique’ app from right here

2. At NinjaTrader NT8 menu, ‘Instruments’ -> ‘Import’ -> “NinjaScript Add-On’ -> choose this zip file.

3. Please use a demo account for hands-on first.  

4. If you wish to copy EURUSD trades to NinjaTrader, open a EURUSD chart there.  Proper click on the chart and choose ‘Methods..’

At Methods web page, choose and add Technique ‘MTNT8Copier’ after which click on apply.

5. NinjaTrader has extra restrictions on a number of devices from completely different brokers. 

If you wish to copy trades to a couple of instrument at NinjaTrader, open that instrument chart and apply this Copier technique once more. 

As an example, if you wish to copy XAUUSD trades, open a brand new XAUUSD chart with this Copier technique.

6. Click on ‘Enabled’ at Technique web page:

7. This Copier technique app additionally auto output the log messages to NinjaTrader Output window.  For precise commerce outcome, you possibly can observe the order/place/log pages of NinjaTrader.


For MT4/MT5 facet, open any chart and connect the MT4/MT5 commerce transmit utility EA.

Under are the EA variable explanations:

1. Image map record – if NinjaTrader’s instrument identify is completely different with MetaTrader’s, please enter as under format (MT5’s image identify first, comma, then NinjaTrader’s)


if two pairs,


2. Lot multiplier record – NinjaTrader’s lot is not less than one and it needs to be integer.  It will not take the lot of 0.01 that needs to be multiplied prematurely.

As an example, enter


If merely enter


All commerce heaps at MT4/MT5 might be multiplied by 10000.

3. Order magic quantity record – you possibly can assign particular magic quantity for commerce signalling.

For a number of magic, separate every with comma.

As an example, 3413434,1343292

Default is a clean string, i.e. making use of on all trades.

4. Relevant image record – you possibly can limit to particular image/devices.  Separate every with comma, e.g. EURUSD,XAUUSD,USOIL

Default is a clean string, i.e. making use of on all symbols.

5. Reverse commerce – if setting true, it would reverse the commerce sign to NinjaTrader. 

As an example, a LONG commerce might be signalled as a SHORT commerce.

6. Session time – default is from 00:00-24:00

7. Alert and panel settings – that needs to be self explanatory.

* I additionally present MetaTrader/NinjaTrader indicator and EA coding providers at MetaQuotes Freelance.  You may assign me as your most popular developer for this want.



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