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Mango Markets hacker rugpulls Mango Inu after warning buyers would “positively lose all of your cash”


The Mango Markets “hacker,” who goes by Avraham Eisenberg, bragged on Twitter about his newest venture, Mango Inu, a meme coin based mostly on Eisenberg’s notorious Mango Markets exploit. Eisenberg, nonetheless, made it clear on Twitter a few days after launching the venture that anybody who invested would “positively lose all of your cash.”

Eisenberg later added that he made $100,000 for thirty minutes of labor via Mango Inu however may have made way more. Because of the approach he eliminated liquidity from the liquidity swimming pools, he misplaced cash to bots front-running him. Eisenberg estimated he would have made $250,000 had he used one other methodology, similar to Flashbots.

Eisenberg provided no solace to those that invested cash within the meme coin. Certainly, in response to questions over the legality of his actions, Eisenberg argued that his actions had been wholly authorized. Eisenberg had the identical argument for exploiting Mango Markets which he considered as a complicated buying and selling technique.

The shortage of selling or data on Mango Inu ought to qualify the rug pull as “simply open market liquidity transactions,” in line with Eisenberg.

A Reddit thread was created to debate the bragging nature of Eisenberg’s tweets. Common sentiment inside the Reddit neighborhood was that the rug pull was “scumbag conduct,” and Eisenberg is more likely to earn “a goal on his again” for publicly claiming his exploits.

One Twitter person, Mihai, argued that Eisenberg did promote Mango Inu via his Twitter account and that a number of tweets invalidate his declare that he “did completely no promotion.” Eisenberg denied that any of his claims had been fraudulent in a later rebuttal stating Mango Inu was “analogous to promoting a field clearly labelled empty field .”

Mocking Mihai, Eisenberg replied by sharing a meme laughing at crypto buyers shedding cash with meme cash.

Eisenberg seems to have carried out a number of exploits over the previous few years. In January, he posted a substack article entitled “How our group makes tens of millions in crypto risk-free.” The weblog takes declare to a number of NFT bot-sniping campaigns and an AAVE mortgage exploit utilizing the rebasing token AMPL.

The publish concluded with a name for others to share ‘alpha’ and concepts for comparable campaigns in crypto or elsewhere, stating

“Now we have the abilities to execute and the capital to maximise. It doesn’t essentially should be in crypto.”



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