I am new to btc and have some expertise on blockchains like ethereum. I perceive that btc is predicated on uxto not steadiness mannequin like different blockchains, however I’ve bother discovering which enter handle paid the tx payment, for instance, this tx has two enter addresses however which one in every of them paid the payment. This type of confused me since on different chains discovering payment payer is relateively easy and obivous.

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This query merely is unnecessary within the UTXO mannequin. All that occurred is that two UTXOs had been spent, two new UTXO had been created, and a payment was paid by the distinction in worth between them. And not using a notion of identities, or possession, or intent, “who” is just not an idea that exists on chain. Potentialities embody:

  • Maybe each enter UTXOs had been owned by the identical particular person, who created the transaction, and paid a receiver, and despatched change again to themselves. In that case, this sender paid the payment.
  • Maybe the enter UTXOs had been owned by distinct individuals, who collectively paid a invoice, and despatched some cash again to one in every of them. The query of who paid the payment is now a operate of what portion of the invoice paid was allotted to every sender – not data that exists on chain.
  • Maybe the receiving social gathering of the transaction supplied a service that entails paying the on-chain charges, by permitting the senders to deduct that worth from the transferred quantity. On this case, the receiver paid the payment.
  • Maybe the transaction was created by the miner that constructed the block. Because the miner is the one gathering the payment, arguably no payment was paid by anybody on this case.