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Cannot signal utilizing Trezor T derived multisig pockets utilizing Electrum | Invalid script_type

I created a P2WSH multisig pockets utilizing Electrum 4.0.9 utilizing a single Trezor T, to which I despatched a considerable amount of BTC.

Electrum allowed me to arrange the pockets utilizing the identical gadget once I used two completely different derivatives, one being ” m/48’/0’/0’/2′ “, and the opposite ” m/48’/0’/0’/3′ “.

After I try to signal utilizing the primary pockets derivation, I get an invalid multisig signature, which is defined by once I try to signal or view the transaction on the second pockets derivation of three, which produces aninvalid script_type error.

I’ve made some progress in determining the problem, however have hit a roadblock.
Because it seems, the script_type of two within the derivation ” m/48’/0’/0’/2′ ” represents a Native Segwit (P2WSH) pockets, and the problem is that the one different script_type outlined beneath BIP 48 in the mean time is a Nested Segwit (P2SH-P2WSH), represented by ” m/48’/0’/0’/1′ “.

I discovered this out from the BIP 48 documentation which outlines the derivations doable beneath:

m / objective' / coin_type' / account' / script_type' / change / address_index

[Source : ]

So apparently Electrum and Trezor allowed me to derive keys utilizing an undefined script_type of three, however now I can not signal any transactions to spend the funds as a result of there isn’t a definition for the script.

I will not go so far as guilty software program for my misinformed mistake in fact, and I do know it permits for ahead compatibility, however why would the code for Electrum and the Trezor T enable for key derivation utilizing an undefined script in any respect?

Is there any means I can outline the script_type 3 myself by maybe copying the code for a script_type of two and inserting it as a brand new definition, whereas nonetheless having the ability to derive the keys from the HD seed and entry my funds?

I might actually respect assist from somebody educated sufficient to assist me reply this, sufficient to verify a few of these at present unspendable funds go to anybody that may assist me clear up the problem.



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