Monday, January 30, 2023 - Cryptographic digital signatures – Cryptographic digital signatures

the signature is nothing greater than the mix of the general public key and the non-public key

Here is an instance of a digital signature course of

Digital Signature diagram

The signature course of in Bitcoin is completely different however it nonetheless includes a mathematical course of which takes as enter the info to be signed and a private-key. The method emits a quantity we name a digital signature. Checking the digital signature includes a special course of that takes as enter the info that has been signed, the signature itself and a public-key (not the non-public key).

The construction of a transaction is described within the protocol documentation – which incorporates signature values within the unlocking script for an enter.

That web-page provides a totally labored out instance together with

Enter 1:
 6D BD DB 08 5B 1D 8A F7  51 84 F0 BC 01 FA D5 8D  - earlier output (outpoint)
 12 66 E9 B6 3B 50 88 19  90 E4 B4 0D 6A EE 36 29
 00 00 00 00

 8B                                                - script is 139 bytes lengthy

 48 30 45 02 21 00 F3 58  1E 19 72 AE 8A C7 C7 36  - signature script (scriptSig)
 7A 7A 25 3B C1 13 52 23  AD B9 A4 68 BB 3A 59 23
 3F 45 BC 57 83 80 02 20  59 AF 01 CA 17 D0 0E 41
 83 7A 1D 58 E9 7A A3 1B  AE 58 4E DE C2 8D 35 BD
 96 92 36 90 91 3B AE 9A  01 41 04 9C 02 BF C9 7E
 F2 36 CE 6D 8F E5 D9 40  13 C7 21 E9 15 98 2A CD
 2B 12 B6 5D 9B 7D 59 E2  0A 84 20 05 F8 FC 4E 02
 53 2E 87 3D 37 B9 6F 09  D6 D4 51 1A DA 8F 14 04
 2F 46 61 4A 4C 70 C0 F1  4B EF F5

 FF FF FF FF                                       - sequence

The 48 is a OP-PUSHDATA opcode that pushes the subsequent 4816 (7210) bytes onto the stack. Then there’s a 41 that pushes the remaining 4116 (6510) bytes as a separate merchandise on the stack. The info gadgets on the stack embody a DSA digital signature.

The construction of a ECDSA signature is a bit of esoteric however it’s often about that size.

The rest of the scriptsig is probably going different values and/or opcodes that creates the info gadgets on the stack that may be fed to the locking script from the referenced transaction to confirm the signature utilizing the public-key of the recipient within the referenced transaction who’s the spender on this.

There are a number of kinds of customary script and so the above is simply a tough description of the only type. To totally decode each transaction it’s important to establish the kind of script for every output contained (or referenced).



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